Meet the Masters - Visual Art

Students painting
A Teacher explaining the style of the artist

All students participate in the Meet the Masters visual art program, which focuses on five "masters" throughout the school year.  Students learn first hand about the life and times of the famous artist they are to study during an interactive assembly.  Parent volunteers are instructed in the artist's specific style using similar techniques and produce a beginning ( K-1) intermediate (2-3), or advanced (4-5) rendering of a famous piece.   A time is scheduled a with the classroom for parents to teach the children how to create a masterpiece of their own using that artist's style. Students not only have fun, but also are learning the visual art content standards, academic art vocabulary and skills regarding art appreciation.


STEP 1: Introducing the Masters Assemblies

Example of Picasso Lesson

The Meet the Masters experience begins with a multi-media assembly using Powerpoint slides, artist voices, and music where the children learn about the fascinating lives and famous works of the Master Artists.  Interactive questions and multi-media content keeps the students interest while walking through a virtual museum filled with interesting stories and facts.  An art background is not necessary because all lesson plans are scripted, illustrated and timed.  The lesson includes art vocabulary, artist name cards, art elements, props and visuals. This step can be done in an assembly combining classes or in an individual classroom.

STEP 2: Learning from the Masters - Technique Packets

Example from the Van Gough lesson

Now that the children have a true connection to the artist, the techniques which made the art revolutionary are introduced to students.  In the classroom, they will work on a mostly self-guided follow-up packet which will be the pencil-on-paper means for students to learn from the Masters.  The worksheets reinforce the material previously presented in Introducing the Masters, and further prepare students for success in the final step – the art project.

STEP 3: Working wit the Masters - Art Projects

Example from the Monet lesson

After learning the inspiration and techniques of each Master students are ready for the real fun.  The classroom will transform into an art studio as the well-equipped instructor (trained teacher or parent) leads the students on a step-by-step journey through the art project.  Often in the same medium, style or subject matter as the Master, the students will discover their creativity while developing confidence in their own unique abilities. 

PTA also provides additional opportunities for our budding artists

through the annual Reflections Contest held each fall.